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Let our experienced Care Consultants help you better understand your options and feel more confident that you are making the best choices for your care needs.

Don’t let the challenges and changes of life keep you or those you care about from living your best life possible.

Are you or a loved one experiencing life challenges or changes due to functional or mental decline related to a health condition, accident, or other situation? Navigating the complex health and social service systems can be confusing and, at times, deceiving. Historically, we have often relied on providers in the system for guidance. Unfortunately, many providers may no longer have the time to fully inform you about options of care that may better meet your needs; they might only be aware of the options/services that their employer provides; or they may have conflicts of interest that interfere with their ability to better assist you without the fear of compromising their employment.

Thankfully, ACS can help you learn more about the variety of options that may be available to you. We can save you time and money while helping you obtain services and equipment that may better meet your needs. More importantly, you can learn about how to better ensure you are not taken advantage of as a consumer of health and social services. You can better advocate for yourself and be the leader of your care team!

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