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ACS serves older adults, adults with disabilities, transition age youth, and their families. We are located in and have primarily served individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin; however, we are equipped and frequently provide consultation throughout the United States. This is particularly helpful for families who may be geographically distanced from each other.

ACS can meet with you and others at your request in a variety of formats that best meet your needs. Your Care Consultation may be for services for yourself or you may wish to meet regarding how you might help someone you care about.


CARE CONSULTATION and EDUCATION is our Key Essential Service. It empowers you! A Consultation may be the only service you will need when:

  • you are confronted with a new life challenge, you need help, and are unsure which direction to turn;
  • your age (older adult, adults with disabilities and transition age youth) is forcing a transition between service and support systems, and you are unsure about resources, potential funding, and benefits that may be helpful for your situation;
  • your physical or mental health are interfering with your ability to complete tasks of daily living, or pose a danger to yourself or others;
  • health care costs and paperwork are overwhelming, and you are unsure how you will make ends meet;
  • you are concerned about the well being of a family member or friend with memory loss or depression, and you need answers about how you might help them or what you can do when they refuse your assistance;
  • you have a care plan that may be inefficient or does not meet your needs, and you would like a review and discussion about your options;
  • you or your family are having difficulty working with each other or your care team;
  • you are interested in transitioning between your home to a care facility, from one care facility to another, or a care facility back to YOUR HOME .
  • And MUCH More.

Specific or Comprehensive Assessment

Care Plan Review and Care Planning

Care Coordination and Care Management

Self Help Resources and/or Service Referral

Long Distance and Relocation Assistance

Additional Care Related Requests

Additional care related services are often coordinated with your care team members. However, due to the temporary or anticipated short-term nature of your needs, ACS may provide these services on a case by case basis as resources allow. Service Rates are competitive with other providers within your region and may be negotiated based on the level and frequency of these service needs.

  • Transportation assistance and/or communication companion for appointments
  • 1:1 Supervision and Respite (may include some therapeutic, safety, and assistive services)
  • In Home Assistance (temporary homemaking/home maintenance, organization, deep cleaning or hoarding services)


Advance Directive Education and Planning

Medicare and Other Insurance

Medicaid and Other Funding Assistance

Dementia and Memory Care

For a confidential discussion about your situation and how ACS can help you, Request an appointment now. We look forward to serving you!

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